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Ice but not nice

    31January08: The wind blew all day yesterday, at sustained speeds of 45 mph with gusts to 70 mph.

    We took a drive in the afternoon, sans camera, dammit! We saw lots of ice at Broderick Park at the foot of Ferry Street.

    We went back today to take pix. The ice boom across the mouth of Lake Erie just above the Peace Bridge had either bounced, as it sometimes does in high wind, or simply had been breeched. Wind-shifted ice jammed the river, the Black Rock Canal, and the walkway between the two.


Ice decorates the railing at the river's edge in Broderick Park, at the foot of Ferry Street on the west side of Buffalo. Peace Bridge in the background. The river current here is about 5 mph.

There was ice everywhere, on shore and off, and in the water, too. The ice boom stretches above the Peace Bridge to block the large floes from clogging the intake at the other end of the Niagara River where water runs electric turbines.

Buildings in the background are on the Canadian side of the Niagara River, in Fort Erie.

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Overview: The line of posts marks the edge of a narrow, paved walkway that stretches toward downtown and divides the Black Rock Canal and the river. The space between the posts on each side of the walkway was jammed with ice to the tops of the four-foot-tall posts. The ice behind was stacked even higher, all by the wind.
The ice up close.
All ice, all different, in texture, tone, and shape.

The view to the south from the bridge over the Black Rock Canal to Broderick Park.


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