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Buffalo seasons with snow

    28 February 02: Buffalo, New York, has the national (international?) reputation for deep snow in an urban setting. Well-publicized blizzards and 7-foot Lake Effect snow storms earn us such notoriety, and we are proud of it. This log features pictures taken from our porch, and once in a while from points further afield when we venture out and take pictures, too. After all, who would want to actually go out in all that yucky snow ... . Consider this to be our weather cam that refreshes when the weather does. And check out our Kitty Cam.

    Some buffalo weather links:

This pic was taken on New Year's Day 2002, after 7 feet of Lake Effect snow had piled up and then started melting. We got all but 10 inches of our normal seasonal snowfall from this storm.

This pic was taken on 28 February 02. A few inches of Lake Effect snow fell, covering the ground, which had been bare of snow for about a week.



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