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Super Bowl of snow

    26 January 03: We got a good snow today in Buffalo, where we live, and in Niagara Falls, where I serve a Presbyterian church called Pierce Avenue. How ironic that Super Bowl Sunday matches up with the other thing that Buffalo is famous for --Lake Effect snow storms of major league proportions.

    I'd like to say that I don't care that Buffalo's football team went to the Super Bowl four years in a row and didn't win once. I care, however, because I love this city and because I have grown fond of its quirky residents, too.

    Buffalo does snow well, and we like it like that.

Pierce Avenue Presbyterian Church sits in the middle of the block, houses on all sides. About 6 inches of snow fell on Sunday.

Detail of decorative piece of our porch.

Older sibling drags younger sibling down the street in a plasic dish sled. About 10 inches of snow fell on Sunday at our house.
The Reverend shovels snow. Being the resident photog gets me out of a lot of chores <vbg>.
Heavy snow in the branches across the street from our porch.



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