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Sunday-go-to-meetin' snows

    23 February 03: I had on my Sunday-go-to-meetin' clothes and the landscape was wearing its Sunday-go-to-meetin' snows, and some ice, too. It took me 30 minutes to scrape the ice on the car and wait for the defroster to get me to an acceptable range of vision for the trip to church. Niagara Falls was as bad, and the roads in between were nasty. The problem was a warm Saturday followed by a cold Sunday.

In reality, these are dead weeds stuck to the chain-link fence on our property line. In virtual, digital fact, these are magical ice objects stuck to the chain-link fence on our property line.

Most of the time I call this tree a swamp maple, or worse. Today it's beautiful. I call the effect a silver thaw.

It took a long time to get to church. Niagara Falls was having a bad weather day, too. This is Pierce Avenue outside the church that I serve -- Pierce Avenue Presbyterian.



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