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Niagara Gorge ... just gorgeous!!!

    19 June 04: It's one thing to drive along the Niagara Gorge below the Falls; it's another thing to walk from top to bottom on a warm, sunny day.

    We parked in the Aquarium parking lot and walked on a sky bridge across the Robert Moses Parkway. A few hundred yards north, we took a path along the edge of the Gorge and then took a fork that led down to the bottom, near the Whirlpool Bridge and the railroad bridge beside it.

    The walk was pleasant -- a mile or so, with a gradual descent/ascent. The trail is in deep shade, with interesting rock formations and lots of trees, flowers, and shrubs.

    And birds. We saw Peregrine falcons at the top and gulls far, far below us. And we also saw a squirrel-like fellow, with tiny ears, big head, and a bushy tail.

This view toward the high rises on the Canadian side of the river is not the usual perspective.

Lucky snap of a Peregrine falcon hunting along the top of the gorge.

From the rim of the gorge, a gull far below is just a white speck.
The flora was a mixture of garden escapes such as these daisies and original habitat of hardwoods and grasses.
The Reverend savors mock orange blossoms.
Looking downstream from the gorge rim we see the railroad bridge and the Whirlpool Bridge behind.
Typical section of the gorge trail.
Big trees, bold rocks, and deep shape mark the trail.
At grade level, looking back toward the Rainbow Bridge and the American Falls.
Big head, small ears, bushy tail, and resting in the duff -- we didn't think it was a squirrel but didn't know what else it could be.
Another view of the mystery rodent.

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