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Silver freeze, yet to thaw

    17January07: A few days ago, we had what I would call a silver thaw -- water freezing on trees, shrubs, and power lines.

    I didn't take any pix, because I figured that the wonder would be melted by daylight. Besides, I already have plenty of such pix, I reasoned.

    However, three days later, the show is continuing and expanding. And the freeze has yet to thaw.

    The heart of PorchPix is seeing the usual in new ways. I knew that one never steps in the same river twice, but I had forgotten that one also does not step into the same silver thaw twice, either. I have never seen anything like this, before. Now.

Window screen lays a grid of even, predictable squares on the reality outside.

Today's reality matches the clarity of ice with the underlying solidity of the usual popping through.
They call this a silver thaw in western Oregon, when rain is followed by rapidly alternating freezing and thawing. The world becomes crystal, for a moment. In Buffalo, such moments can last for days.
Big blackbird perches on ice.
The three new colors that I spent the summer and fall applying to our home, made perfect with the addition of an icy accent and three bold utility lines.
The bare trees of our street sparkle in the afternoon sunshine.

Privet hedge and front porch, ice in evidence, everywhere.


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