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Snow flies; river work continues

 15 December 03: There's a saying in these snowy parts that ends with the words "... before the snow flies." As in, "I want to move to Florida before the snow flies."

    Over the weekend, western New York had 5 inches to a foot of snow, depending on location. Here is Buffalo, we got 5 inches overnight and in the morning on Sunday.

    The next day, on the way to the church that I serve in Niagara Falls, I saw a Coast Guard boat working on a channel marker at Strawberry Island, near the foot of Ontario Street, five minutes from the house, and one of the many great spot in my commute (I have a great commute route).

    I also saw a work barge through the trees and homes along the Niagara River on River Road on the border between Niagara Falls and the Tonawandas -- my alternate commute route, which is even more scenic than the regular route along the river and on the Interstate.

    I guess these river crews don't worry about when the snow flies.

    The snow has been light so far this year. Tomorrow is supposed to bring rain and a high of 50 degrees F. Absurd for Buffalo in December!

Work barge sits at anchor in the Niagara River off River Road on the border of Niagara Falls and the Tonawandas. Don't know what they were doing on such a cold and dreary day on the water.

I was hoping that the Coast Guard boat that I had seen on the way to church would still be there on the trip back. It was, and I got a big bonus, too. The instant that I pulled up and rolled down the window, a tug pushed a huge barge past the anchored Coast Guard boat. That's the Peace Bridge in the background. We're near the foot of Ontario Street.

Tug pushes big barge past a boat sitting on the bank, wrapped up for winter. That's Strawberry Island in the background.
Coast Guard boat resumes work on channel marker after big barge goes by, heading downstream.

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