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Howya been? We've been good

  14 July 06: The Reverend and I have a lot of catching up to done here on the old web site.

    I have pix from the past year and have posted them in one place.

    Some pix are about boats, and the rest are about messing about in general.


24 June 06: Latest pix first. And notice my new hat, a gift from an Hispanic pastor that The Reverend knows. The boat is the third Flats Rat that I've built. This one was for our good friend Laura and her family. We took the new boat up to Widewater on the Erie Canal to make sure than it didn't leak. I like the natural finish.

Can't say enough about this boat design. It's another example of the joy of building your own. Someone is always saying, Did you build that yourself?! In contrast, I'm betting that no one asks questions like, Did you buy that yourself?!

New Flats Rat leans against our New Ride. More of that rich lauan with natural finish -- spar varnish.

10 June 06: A little friend at the Deleware Ave. Art Festival.
07 June 06: At the Marina in downtown Buffalo. Looks like goose, duck, duck to me.
Sunset at the marina.
Same set, same sun.
29 April 06: Snap of rooftop mascot at a smoke joint in Seattle. We were there for a conference called The Church Has Left the Building.

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