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Ice floes get with the flow

    13 Febuary 03: While I was driving by the Niagara River at the foot of Ontario Street, I stopped to take pictures of the ice floes flowing down the river with the sun causing dazzling sparkles. It was cold and windy, so I fired away with the camera from the driver's seat. It was more like PaunchPix than PorchPix, but the results were good nonetheless.

Ice floes with Strawberry Island in the background, with Canada beyond. Looking west from the road along the river at the foot of Ontario Street, five miniutes from our house.

This view is slightly upstream from the pix above. These floes are 30 to 50 feet long and a few feet wide.

Closer view of the floes. The ice is escaping from Lake Erie because of breaks in the Ice Boom caused a few weeks ago by high winds.



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