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Three days in March  

    10 March 02:

  • Tuesday, 5 March 02: High in the 20s. Two inches of snow.
  • Saturday, 9 March 02: Highs in the 60s, some clouds. We went to Medina, NY, to take pictures of the empty Erie Canal. We don't get days like this in March, usually.
  • Sunday, 10 March 02. Winds from the west, gusting to 33 mph. Wind chill of 2 degrees F

Tuesday: Frost on our window creates a new way of seeing the familiar.
Wednesday: A day later, the sun was out and the view was more familiar but still altered by the window screen.
Saturday:The promise of afternoon temperatures of mid-60s F. in advance of strong winds and thunderstorms in the evening lured us to Medina, NY, to take some photographs of the Erie Canal in its winter state.The canal is refilled in May each year. I estimate the depth of the canal at 16 feet here. Photo shows the Medina Lift Bridge.
Sunday: A day later, after severe winds overnight, which caused a lot of damage and power failures, the winds settled into the 30 mph range. This photo shows ice on the guardrail, whitecaps on the Niagara River, seagulls in the middle distance, and Strawberry Island in the background. We're looking west, toward Canada. The spot is at the foot of Ontario Street in the Black Rock section of Buffalo, about five minutes from the house.

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