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Lake-effect draws line in the sky

    07 January 04: In Buffalo, in winter, the line between sun and snow is sometimes drawn in the sky, written large for all to see.

    This morning, with temperatures in the low teens, the brilliant blue sky south of our house sat above an ominous line of slowly churning, southeast moving clouds fresh from the Lake Erie lake-effect snow machine.

    The lake-effect zone south of Buffalo has gotten more than a foot in the past day from this line of lake-effect clouds.

Looking southwest from our porch: Not only are these clouds dramatic, they also are close by.

Looking south from the porch.

I had an errand, so I took the camera and got this one in north Buffalo while sitting in the truck, which is kinda like taking pix from the porch.
I took the longer way home so I could take a few pix at the foot of Ontario Street. This is the Niagara River looking southwest toward the International Railroad Bridge, then the Peace Bridge further on.
These were out the truck window, too. Here, ice has formed on a coiled line near the marina at the foot of Ontario Street. Old pieces of piling sport ice caps, too. The red thing is the guard rail of the parking lot there.
On up a few hundred yards, I went looking for some birds. These two were bobbing in the water, which had to be barely above freezing. No problem for them.
Same two bobbers.

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