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High-speed this and that

    07 August 04: We took a ride to Rochester to see the new high-speed ferry. We saw the ferry, and a lot of other high-speed stuff as well.

    The wind was stiff, the waves were high, the Optimist prams, Lasers, and 440s were racing in the lake, and two personal watercraft dummies did jumps and cartwheels in the midst.

    And when the ferry blew its horn and cast off its lines, it was out of sight in a few minutes, on its way to Toronto, two hours away.

Nautical-Ironical statue graces the grounds of the high-speed ferry dock in Rochester at the mouth of the Genessee River in the Charlotte section of Rochester, hard by Lake Ontario.
Kids play in the sand beside the breakwater at the mouth of the Genessee River.

Optimist prams were having a race day out in the main part of the lake, with stiff winds and steep waves. This sailor heads down the breakwater zone toward the yacht club.

It was that kind of day if you were a youngster flanked by loving adults. This is on the breakwater, looking north toward the lake proper.
Halfway down the breakwater was this row of industrial-dockware-size bollards.
One of the many boats that we saw capsize. These are Lasers.
Lasers and 440s coming from the west head north between the breakwaters.
Laser sailor tries to right his boat. The arc in the foreground is part of the breakwater railing.
Stand on the daggerboard and pull on the gunwale, then jump in. Repeat until tired to the death. Then accept a tow.
Personal watercraft dodo makes a big splash. I guess dodos don't fly ... . Can you tell know I feel about personal watercraft?
It took a bunch of attempts to capture one of his jumps.
Crowd along the breakwater watches the ferry begin the trip to Toronto.
You can ride on top and walk on, or you can take your car. Costa mucho. Walk-on adults pay $28 one way.
Ferry clears the breakwaters and opens up for the two-hour ride to Toronto. The ferry makes two roundtrips per day, leaving Rochester at 7:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. Go to

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