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Labor Day play at Sodus Bay

  05 September 05: The Reverend and I spent two days of Labor Day weekend with friends at Sodus Bay on Lake Ontario.

    We took the two Flats Rats and had a ball watching our friends rave about these little gems. Girls 3 and 5 and four adults found the boats to be just right -- daddy boat, mommy boat, baby boat. The Flats Rat was just right for each on of us.

The first day of our visit to Sodus Bay issued in this grand and colorful sunset.

Big and beautiful describes the sunset at Sodus Bay on this day's end.

Our 3-year-old boater was suited up in life jacket and pointed toward a Flats Rat.

Probably the first time in a boat for this little boater. She loved it!
Adults and children take off from the shore into the main body of Lake Ontario.
Two sets of paddles, one boat in evidence, Sodus Bay lighthouse in the background.
I like this effect of the combined paddles but only one boat of the two showing.
Five-year-old boater and the Reverend prepare to go out again.
This was the crew for the day -- 3, 5, and four adults (I was behind the camera ... ).
The wide, flat bottom of the boats makes for a safe entry or exit.
Contrast in sizes highlights the capacity of these boats -- an adult and a child are fine.

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