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Archive of On Deck log entries: 23 September 02

  Build a boat, build a fleet

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     23 September 02: What builder of boats is content with projects in hand? I would wager that most of us have one or more boats in mind.I have had my eye on a Jim Michalak prototype design called Musicbox 3, which has water ballast on a 15-foot sailboat hull reminiscent of Phil Bolger's Micro, which I would love to built except that I refuse to monkey with pouring a 450-pound lead keel. Another design I'm looking at has a sloop rig (always wanted a sloop rig and haven't made one yet) on an 8-foot pram designed by a retired engineer in Tennessee. He built the prototype out of poplar, which I'm going to start using in place of pine, after reading an article by a wood expert in a recent issue of Messing About in Boats. I like the idea of building a few small, small boats, because we are still enjoying the heck out of the Harmonica, and another big boat would only compete with the one we have and are enjoying.

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