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Archive of On Deck log entries: 14 March 03

  Cat boats, basement boats

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Detail from blueprints of the Quark. Read the building log here.


     14 March 03: I've decided on the next boat or two that I'm going to build. This first one -- called the Quark -- will be a warmup, a single-plywood sheet canoe of about 8 feet in length. It's a Jim Michalak design that I've had the plans for since last year. This little boat is really a cat-sized boat, and certainly a basement boat (it'll go together down there, and fit out the doorway). Since this is a cat-sized boat (really, really small), I'll try to get some pix of Miss Sparkie in it. I'd call these tiny boats cat boxes, too, but that would send the wrong signal, since I like them.

    Up to this morning, while I was getting ready to go to the building materials palace, I was going to build a design by John Welsford called the Tender Behind, as a warmup for the Tread Lightly design of his that I'm planning to start in the fall. I have the plans for both of these, and that is still my plan, to build the one as a warmup on metrics and Welsford's way of drawing blueprints.

    I aim to finish the Tender Behind, a dink of about 7 feet, 4 inches in length, in time for the family fun time this summer at Selkirk Shores on Lake Ontario. This dink has a rounded multi-chine hull, pram ends, and a standing lug rig with spars and mast short enough to stow inside the boat.

    And the Quark, which I may name Q-Sign, can always be a coffee table if I don't like it on the water ... .

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