My Backyard Boats:

The Weekend Skiff --Launch Rowing Version

    Summer 2001: Going into the building of the Weekend Skiff, I wanted to have a sloop rig. That has been a longtime goal of mine when it comes to sailboats.

    That made it certain that I would try a gaff main/jib rig detailed in Canoe Rig by Todd Bradshaw. I was pleased with the polytarp sails I made, and I spent a lot of time on the rigging, but I didn't take into account that two adults sitting in a small space would sit on all the four lines I carefully set up for the gaff rig.

    We didn't sail at all that day, or even hoist the sails fully. It was a disaster. Then it began to rain. I consoled myself with a row around the boat slips.

    After another session with the polytarp, we had another sail version Launch Day and actually sailed, at Glenwood Reservoir in Medina, NY, using the stock standing lug rig in the boat plans.

It took a long time to set all the lines up when we tried to sail after launching on Lake Erie at the Buffalo Small Boat Harbor.
 In the end, I got to row around in the rain.
The wind was light, but the rig was much better-suited to the boat the second time we went sailing. This time we went to Greenwood Reservoir near Medina.

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