My Backyard Boats:

The Weekend Skiff --Launch Rowing Version

    4th of July 2001: During the 4th of July 2001 holiday, we met our friends on the Erie Canal below Lockport at a spot known as Wide Water, where there is a public boat ramp.

    It was fun rowing about and posing for pictures, and there was one guy who happened to be there with his wife and child, who was excited to see a owner-built wooden boat.

    He told me about his Bolger Windsprint that he had built about two years before and about the June Bug Bolger boat that a friend of his had built.

    And he told me about Glenwood Reservoir in Medina, which is a pleasant place to sail -- and far from the critical eyes of the crusty sailors that one finds on the Buffalo waterfront.


My friend Mike takes a turn at the oars.
It's a lot of skiff for the little truck, but the balance is good and it rides without any gripes, even at freeway speed.

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