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The Quark

Sides, form, transom in the bag

    18 March 03: I got a lot done today on the Quark project -- plywood cut for the sides, temporary form made, and the transom cut out and beveled. Next step is to make the stem, then I can put the hull together.

    Time spend so far: 1 hour at the home store, and 5 hours in the shop today for a total so far of 6 hours.

After drawing the curve of the sides onto the plywood, I cut out the pieces, clamped them together with two large wooden clamps and faired the edges.


I rented a scuffle floor sander a few years ago and ended up with a lot of 15-, 20-, and 36-grit sandpaper. This stuff is wonderful. It cuts like a wood file and lasts forever. The tool in this pic is simply two pieces of pine screwed together at a right angle, with 36-grit sandpaper clamped between.
After using block plane and sandpaper tool, I check for parallel edges with the tri-square. There will be more fairing to do after the external chines are attached to these side pieces.
I took my time with the temporary form so that it would be accurate. I used a piece of select 1x4 pine to get a good edge on all sides. The bottom is 22 inches wide, and the top is 28 inches wide. The form is 12 inches deep.
The transom is in the center of this pic, with a pattern I made from plywood to its left. Glad I made a pattern, because the measurements were tricky. Surrounding the transom are some of the tools that I used on the three steps that I did today: rafter square, sliding bevel gauge, tri-square, 4-in-1 rasp, power jig saw, and eye protection.

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