My Backyard Boats:

The Quark

A good beginning

    14 March 03: I went out this morning and got the wood to build my next boat, the Quark. The pile of lumber and plywood doesn't look like much, but it will do the job. It felt good to get going on the boatbuilding season. I got a sheet of bc pine instead of luaun, which I had assumed would be fine, but sometimes Home Depot runs out of luaun, so I got the pine ply. I love the way it smells. And it has three equal plies, unlike the luaun. It is a bit heavier, but that isn't a problem in a boat this small. I'll build this one in the basement while waiting for the weather to warm. There is still snow on the ground, though the weekend is supposed to be in the 50s for the Ides of March.

    Cost so far: $49.06 for lumber, $25 (I think) for the plans -- bought about a year ago, and seemingly no longer available (visit Jim's website to email him if you want plans). I have a few boards and some epoxy that are left from other projects that I'll use on this one, but I want to have a fair idea of cost, too, so we'll say $30 for epoxy and $20 for boards on hand, for a grand total so far of $124.06.

Quark's story takes a single sheet of blueprints.


Detail of blueprints shows profile, top view, and the way to cut the sides and bottom from a sheet of 1/4-inch plywood.
Detail of temporary frame, left, and the stem.
A sheet of plywood, a select-grade poplar 2x4 that is 9 feet, 4 inches long, and a 1x4x8 feet long pine board for the temporary form don't take up much room in the truck.
Our house is more than 100 years old, and the steps to the basement are probably about that old. Someone along the way learned that a notch in the landing at the mouth of the top of the basement stairs was needed to persuade a full sheet of plywood to go on down.
Jokes and puns notwithstanding, I'm eager to build this little boat. It won't take much more than the plywood and three boards to make it, either.

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