My Backyard Boats:

The Quark

Bring on the power tools

    11 April 03: Last night I moved all my tools and the Quark out to the garage from the basement. It's finally warm enough (55 degrees F. today) to work outside. The first thing that I did was use the belt sander to radius the chine in preparation for fiberglass tape.

    A little girl from down the street who takes an interest in my boat projects stopped to show a new friend the funny old man who doesn't care what he is building, as long as it's a boat. I'm smiling.

    Time spend so far: Add three hours for using power tools to radius the chine, for a total so far of 25 hours.

Chine joint is radiused now, ready for fiberglass tape. I used the belt sander to do the work. Plywood is easy to work in this way because you know when you are making an accurate edge -- the glue lines between the veneers as they are exposed become a guiding line.

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