My Backyard Boats:

The Quark

Redemption for the Quark

    03 July 03: Although I was disappointed and depressed after my initial launching, and dunking, in the Quark, I have not given up on this little boat. I love its lines, and I've been using the experience of capsizing this spring to learn more about boat design. One thing I did was take out the plans and look at them; I noticed that the displacement is 215 pounds and other reading helped me see what you probably knew -- displacement includes the boater and all gear. This boat weighs about 30 pounds, so it is a stretch for me to expect it to float with me in it.

   Not only did it float with me inside, it floated for two others, too. We all felt that the boat was tippy, but none of us got wet. I found that paddling was the problem; a longer double paddle, with more weight in a larger diameter shaft would put some weight outboard and make paddling easier, too.

    I'm happy that this little boat is proving itself, so I'm planning to offer it for sale through Messing About in Boats -- $250.

Ellicott Creek Park was the scene of the Quark's redemption. The occasion was a picnic for the Reverend's staff at Concern Ecumenical Ministry. Boater No. 1 had no problems other than tippiness.

Boater No. 2, a foot taller but still well within the weigh limit, had no problems other than tippiness.

Boater No. Three, yours truly, had no problems except for tippiness. It is a responsive and lively little boat.
Another view of my time in the boat. The bow is just clear of the water. The Reverend took the two pix of me.
Little boat back where it belongs.

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