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The Piccup Squared

Upside down and done

    27 May 03: Although I have gotten behind on posting, I am moving right along on the Piccup.

    The chines are installed, and the bottom is on, and today I put fiberglass on the chine seams and other seams. Used up all the epoxy. I cut my own fiberglass tape strips because I was looking at $25 for a new roll. I liked cutting the tape from scraps of 6 oz. cloth. It wet out faster and better than the 9 oz. tape. I did a better job of rounding the edge of the bottom and chines. It was colder and cloudy today, so the epoxy resin was cloudy, thick, and granular. Still, the strips I cut were easier to process than the tape.

    The hull is still upside down, but I'll turn it over after the epoxy sets and gets a sanding.

    The next step is to sand the fiberglass.

    Cost so far: Add $30 for glue, masking tape, anothe5r 1x4x6-foot pine board, and some belt sander belts, for a total so far of $187.18.

    Time spent so far: Add 15 hours for the finishing of the hull, for a total so far of 51 hours.

Inverted hull with chines and gunwales in place. The board in the center of the boat is to maintain stiffness and accuracy.
I cut the bevel on the aft bulkhead the wrong way, so I added a shim from offcut pine that I had been saving for just such a need.
Shim is in place, and I clamped it while the glue dried.
Only a 1/16th of an inch in depth was needed to bring the bulkhead level. After I planed the chines, there almost wasn't a problem. Pic shows the shim glued to the bulkhead at the centerline.
I had a good time with the fairing of the chines and bulkheads. I use a block plane mostly and a 12-inch jack plane some. I also have an 18-inch floor plane that I used for this type of work. The block plane sits on an oak board that I reserve for fairing.
Large section of bottom glued, nailed, and clamped.
Completed bottom of hull has three segments and two butt joints.

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