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The Piccup Squared

Piccup passes put-in process

    04 July 03: The only hitch in our initial launching of the Piccup Squared was operator error. I got in backwards and rowed for pictures facing the stern ... .

    So I turned around and the Reverend took some more pictures. The boat is a sailboat that can be rowed, so it's not a burner under oars, and I need to do some adjustments to the oars and placement of the oarlocks, but it was promising. Cozy, too, compared to the space in the Weekend Skiff or the Harmonica.

    We launched at Gasport Marina on the Erie Canal. It was a nice evening.

    I'm looking forward to the sailing launch. The boat seems lively and light.

    Cost so far: $371.16.

    Time spent so far: 141 hours.

At the launch ramp in Gasport on the Erie Canal.
I think that this boat has pretty lines, much more so than the original Piccup design, which is multi-chine and hammer-headed. It may be more seaworthy in rough water, but it isn't as elegant.
Oars were in need of adjustment -- shortening the looms by about 2 inches and moving the oarlocks so I get better extension.
The Reverend took all the pix of me in the boat. This one captures the quality of golden and blue light at dusk on the canal in summer.
Ditty box worked fine.

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