My Backyard Boats:

Moby Dink -- Launch


The dink sits in the back of the truck, on some poly tarps. I'm determined to keep this one from getting all banged up like the Weekend Skiff did when we had to lift in on and off the frame in the back of the truck. The skiff is much heavier than the dink, so fewer dings are likely.
Dink sits quietly at the launch ramp at Wide Water on the Erie Canal in Lockport. We decided to just pick it up and carry it onto the dock, which is what we did, rather than use the ramp.
Now what? I didn't make any provision for a painter, so we had a bit of a delay while I decided just how to get the dink into the water. We fed it over the side, basically. The Reverend took the three pix of me.
I'm shipping the oars.
The first thing that I noticed was that the dink was extremely agile and responsive to the oars. Jim Michalak, the designer, suggests taking short strokes because of the shortness of the boat. That works for me, and I still am so new to rowing that I alternate one row, then the other. This worked fine in this tiny boat.

Back after a short trip down the canal. I was happy to be back, because my legs and back were killing me. It's not that comfortable as currently configured.

To see pix of the drift down the canal,  go here.


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