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    05 January 03: I finished the Harmonica late in the summer of 2002, and we had many wonderful outings on the Erie Canal -- and launched a weblog called Erie Canal Journal to celebrate our success and our enjoyment of this great little boat.

    The log has grown to the point of unmanageability, so I've cut it into parts that will load well before the Second Coming:

  • Part One: From before the beginning (of the log) to the flipping of the hull.
  • Part Two: From the outfitting of the interior to the loading onto the trailer.
  • Part Three: From initial launching to present day -- continued fine-tuning.

The Harmonica is long on comfort, with a six feet long and five feet wide main cabin and a three feet long and five feet wide pilot's perch in the stern. Form follows function, with the emphasis on utility rather than poetry. This pic was taken in July 2002 at the Middleport Launch Ramp on the Erie Canal.


The Reverend loves the Harmonica, which is worth gold to me. The Weekend Skiff was less of a hit with her because of the need to maintain a prone position when we went sailing. That was boring for her. In the Harmonica, she can read, sleep, or watch the world go by. This pic was taken in August 2002 on the Erie Canal near Widewater in Lockport.

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