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The Flats Rat building logs


    06 March 04: T.T.T.S.

    That stands for Take two, they're small.

    Although the Flats Rat is small, it also packs a giant load of fun and flexibility. Persons large and small, and everyone in between, from the youngest able to wield a double paddle to a 250 pounder, can use these little boats.

    And these boats go together quickly. I banged away in the basement for a few days, telling my wife tall tales, before presenting her with a Flats Rat hull. It was a welcome surprise for her. The whole job took less than $100 and about 40 hours.

  • After launching my wife's Flats Rat, I had to have one for myself.

  • 24 August o3:
    The first Flats Rat was a surprise for my wife.

    Here are the posts to the building log for her Flats Rat:

    These log posts are also available in a single, large file:

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