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Oxford Dinghy -- shining example

    Spring 2002: After I ran an ad in Messing About in Boats, to announce this website to the faithful, I got a few emails from New Yorkers, including Bill Narby, who sails boats, including an Oxford Dinghy and a fleet of Grumman aluminum sailboats, in the Finger Lakes region of western New York. Bill emailed with a question about lug rigs for his dinghy and sent a pic.

    Bill writes, "I have an Oxford Dinghy (picture attached without her sail), and she came equipped with a Gunter rig. It sails pretty well, but never sets right in the area where the yard connects to the mast. I have made some changes, and some were good, but still a problem. I have been looking at other rigs, and the balanced lug seems to have the most appeal."

    Bill sails at Hammondsport, on Keuka Lake. He added that "until challenged, I claim to be the world's only collector of Grumman aluminum sailboats. I have three, two Grumman Flyers and a Grumman Sailing Camper, all built in the late 60s and early 70s. I had a Grumman Ballerina, but it was a real tub of a sailer, so swapped it for the Camper. There were only about 65 Flyers built, so most people have never heard of them."

    I emailed Bill to ask permission to use the photo of his Oxford Dinghy and to ask after the level of privacy he wanted. He replied, "OK to use my name and both addresses. I meet more people that way."

Bill Narby's Oxford Dinghy. Bill writes that the Oxford Dinghy is mentioned in The Dinghy Book by Stan Grayson


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