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Erie Canal boater opts for aluminum

    25 January 04: The first year that we launched the Harmonica, summer 2002, we launched once from Veterans Park in Amherst, in the suburbs east of Buffalo. While on the water, a fellow boater told us about a friend of his who had built a canalboat out of aluminum. He said that the frend kept the boat on his property up a creek that fed into the Tonawanda Creeks section of the canal, which is the connector between the Niagara River and the beginning of the canal proper in Niagara County, a stretch of about 20 miles.

    Imagine my surprise and joy when this very boater, Roger Schroeder, sent me email and a photo of his aluminum boat,which is about four years old now and has gone through a significant redesign.

     Roger has posted articles and pix of his project in Duckworks Magazine online.

Roger Schroeder tries out a new outboard motor in his aluminum canalboat on the Tonawanda Creek section of the Erie Canal. Roger built his boat from his own design.


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