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    25 January 04: If you have built, are building, or have purchased a Weekend Skiff, or a design from Jim Michalak, Phil Bolger, or any other designer of boats for backyard-style construction, such as John Welsford, we would like to tell your story and include some pics.

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  Updated 04 September 04

  • 27 February 03: I got email and pix from Eric Thomas, who is building a Weekend Skiff in Seattle, Washington. He promises to send pix of the finished boat, too. He'd like to hear from other Weekend Skiff builders in his region, especially whoever put a hold on the Weekend Skiff building plans book at the library... .


  • 21 February 04: I got email from a fellow Buffalo resident, Brian, who submitted this pic of a bollard that someone had taped sticks to to make it look like deer antlers. Click on the pic for his email, and a larger version of the pic. Brian has a website about Buffalo shipping.








  • 25 January 04: The first year that we launched the Harmonica, summer 2002, we launched once from Veterans Park in Amherst, in the suburbs east of Buffalo. While on the water, a fellow boater told us about a friend of his who had built a canalboat out of aluminum ... .


  • Summer 2002: After I ran an ad in Messing About in Boats, to announce this website to the faithful, I got a few emails from New Yorkers, including Bill Narby, who sails boats, including an Oxford Dinghy and a fleet of Grumman aluminum sailboats, in the Finger Lakes region. Bill emailed with a question about lug rigs for his dinghy and sent a pic.

  • Winter 2002: Roger has built a Weekend Skiff and sails it in San Francisco Bay.



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