Miss Sparkie, Our Skipper

Miss Sparkie, our Skipper. Click here and here to see a bunch of pix.

The new crew, from left: Chica, Bella, Slava.

    Up until her death a few years ago, we were owned by an elderly cat named Sparkie, after Sparky Anderson the baseball coach, and in honor of her essential nature as a take-charge kind of feline. Her sister, Miss Gabbie, died a few years ago.

    In fall 2007, we acquired, or were acquired by, three amazing kittens, Chica, Bella, and Slava. Chica, a female, is not high but mighty. She is the smallest of the three and the most courageous and energetic (which is saying a lot). Bella, also a female, is the beautiful one. Her forte is saying hello by rolling onto her back and stretching. Slava is a male, and a very sweet guy.

     Like Miss Sparkie and Miss Gabbie before them, the three kittens that now own us like naps, eating, naps, eating, and naps.

    Miss Sparkie also went by Sparkie Marie, and her sister also went by Gabbie Sue, because we were worried when we named them that you-all would not understand by their names that they were girls.

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