Messing About in Boats, Boots, and Byways

Abandoned boat near Hamlin Beach State Park on Lake Ontario.


    What is more sweet, building backyard boats or messing about in backyard boats?

    Both are sweet, and sweet in different ways. Add to this recipe for joy the sweetness of donning boots or snowshoes and extending the season for outdoor activity to the entire year.

    What could be more sweet than this? This -- writing about all this activity, and taking pictures to go with the words.

    The logs that follow our fun are:

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Sunset on the Erie Canal in late Summer 2002. Pic taken between
Medina and Middleport from our canalboat, the

    Erie Canal Journal charts our play on the canal, in boats, on our bikes, in boots or snowshoes, or just driving by to snap some pix to document the changes in the seasons.

I met this Little Buddy at the site of the International Railroad Bridge on the Canadian side in Fort Erie, across from Buffalo.This Rusty Guy was the inspiration for the series.

    Industrial Strength Dockware abounds in Buffalo and in the surrounding region, which was among the top 10 ports in the country as recently as 1950.

    The volume of shipping is greatly reduced, but the harbors and their oversized hardware remain, whether it's at the Inner Harbor in Buffalo or anywhere along the Erie Canal.

    The waterways continue to be set up for the Big Leagues, while serving pleasure boaters, messers, and other bush leaguers. This log features pix and captions of the examples of dockware that we encounter while messing about.

Poised in a moment of time, the still-noble Scupper that started it all.

    Nautical ... Ironical was born in summer 2002 during a visit to the Darien Lake theme and water park.

    After starring a afternoon at displaced pieces of nautical grandeur such as derilict boats and such, it was the sight of a still-noble scupper in its own little bit of lawn, with its own little fence to set it off, like some retired dockhand, that finaly brought me to my senses:

    This stuff, recycled from the glory days of Great Lakes shipping, is everywhere -- and not just in theme restaurants that hang nets and floats on the wall like stuffed trophies.

This pic was taken on New Year's Day 2002, after 7 feet of Lake Effect snow had piled up and then started melting. We got all but 10 inches of our normal seasonal snowfall from this storm.

    PorchPix: The Weather Outside Our Window gives a couch potato-like version of the more active messing about that we like to do in boats or boots. I literally take pix while standing on the porch ... or sitting in the truck. It's surprising how interesting this can be, until you muse on the western New York reputation for crippling snows.


Bridal Veil Falls from the overlook on Goat Island.

Winter Dreams chronicles our treks in the cold months, covering ground in snowshoes and boots, rather than in the boats of summer. This log balances a strong visual component with longer log entries of text.




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Messing About in Boats, Boots, and Byways



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