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    14 February 04: Build a boat ... build a library.

    The middle B of the three -- Boats ... Books ... Buffalonya -- is books.

    Boats have been a love of mine for many years, and my love of books is of even longer standing.

    I have developed annotated reading lists from my book collections, and I've coined a word for the list of my boat books. I call it a Boatliography.

    Other material on our website concerning books:

  • And as mentioned above, I now have a second website that focuses on books about boating, what I call bookboating --


    To purchase any of the books mentioned on this website, or any other book you desire, click on the Powell's Books logo to go to their online ordering site.

  To read what I have to say about this bookseller, whom I  have admired and done business with for more than 20 years, click here.

    Project Gutenburg offers free e-books with an emphasis on best-known literary works. Most have pre-1923 copyright, enabling free distribution of the e-texts.

     If you can't fine a book at Powell's, try this search engine from AddALL (they don't accept any banner ads):

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