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The foot of Hertel, foot of Ferry

    11 September 02: People talk about the foot of Hertel Avenue, or the foot of Ferry Street, when talking about streets in Buffalo that go down to the river.

    In past times, these streets were important avenues to travel and food -- fish from the lake. The actual foot of Hertel is fairly mundane, these days, and the bollards and other dockware about are all the more interesting for that.

Marina folk have painted this bollard a bright orange-red.
Just upstream from the painted bollard, on the other side of the street (Hertel, you know) is this much more traditionally painted ship-sized cleat.
Dockware large and small -- a light bulb-like bollard and the pivoting lift bridge that connects the foot of Ferry Street with Broderick Park on the other side of the tow path canal that leads down to the Black Rock Lock.
This pic is from a contributor, Brian, who has a website about shipping in Buffalo. He writes, "Hey, I like your web site. I'm still not sure why you have photos of cleats and bollards on there but it's interesting anyway. I attached a photo you may find interesting. While waiting for the coal boat Richard Reiss to transit the canal just North of the Ferry St. Bridge I noticed a Bollard that someone had taped dead tree branches to and gave it a set of antlers. I thought it was so strange that I worked it into one of my photos." He gets it, even if he isn't sure.

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