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Welcome to Our Corner!

    I live in Buffalo, NY, where I enjoy building small boats and bobbing about with my wife in these backyard-built boats that I have made.

    We also enjoy reading and writing -- hearing and telling stories. And we are passionate about Our Town and Our Values.

    Boats, books, and Buffalonya. These give us joy.

    Like Miss Sparkie does.

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Ice but not nice

More pix here.

    31January08: The wind blew all day yesterday, at sustained speeds of 45 mph with gusts to 70 mph.

    We took a drive in the afternoon, sans camera, dammit! and saw lots of ice at Broderick Park at the foot of Ferry Street.

    We went back today to take pix. The ice boom across the mouth of Lake Erie just above the Peace Bridge had either bounced, as it sometimes does in high wind, or simply had been breeched.

    Ice jammed the river, the Black Rock Canal, and the walkway between the two.

Silver freeze, yet to thaw

More pix here.


    17January07: A few days ago, we had what I would call a silver thaw -- water freezing on trees, shrubs, and power lines.

    I didn't take any pix, because I figured that the wonder would be melted by daylight. Besides, I already have plenty of such pix, I reasoned.

    However, three days later, the show is continuing and expanding. And the freeze has yet to thaw.

    The heart of PorchPix is seeing the usual in new ways. I knew that one never steps in the same river twice, but I had forgotten that one also does not step into the same silver thaw twice, either. I have never seen anything like this, before. Now.

October snow ... leaves fall behind

More pix here.


  12 October 06: When the snow comes early in fall, the leaves fall behind.

      Six inches of wet snow fell this afternoon in Buffalo, leaving the leaves of fall on the trees, which are bowed to the ground, or simply snapped off from the extra weight.

    It is by far the earliest snow in the 14 years that we have lived here.

    For a change of pace, I took some pix after dark, using flash.


Our friend's eye -- 360/24/7

More pix here.


  20 July 06: Our friend and colleague, Tom, a pastor in Jamestown, has a fine eye for nature and for his environmen in general. I've asked him to submit some of his pix, and he did. Take a look at Tom's thumbnails, and the bigger versions, too!

    When I asked Tom how much detail about himself I could mention, he said that "to me, the most important piece of information to include is that I am a 'friend of Jon'!" You gotta love a guy like that.

    Tom serves First Presbyterian Church, a vibrant downtown church with ministries of care, challenge, and vision. Both the Reverend and I would like to be more like Tom when we grow up.


Sun, moon, and sky guys

More pix here.


  07August06 : The Reverend and I decided to go up to the canal for the sunset, and we weren't disappointed. And the moon -- full in the sky -- made for a second act as good as the first. And in terms of sky-writing, even better.

    We had the sun, the moon, and reflections in the water of these two solid friends.

    The reflections? Call them sky guys. Stange and wonderful, never seen before, and thereby worthy of a new name.


Ready to rumble

More pix here.

  23 July 06: The Reverend and I got up at 4 a.m. to go out on the canal, but the thunder and lightning drove us back to bed. Sunday afternoon, despite billowing cumulus clouds, we went on up and launched at Albion.

    We were on the edge of a nasty weather system but only got light rain, which was miserable enough. I had wanted to go as far as Presbyterian Pond but turned back at Knowlesville.

    The rain stopped and we anchored to await the sunset, which was very good.

Heron there

More pix here.

   18 July 06: The Reverend and I finally got the Harmonica out on the Erie Canal for the first time this summer.

    High point of the day was my realizing a year's-long goal of capturing a heron on film. Here and there, and now and then, I've had a chance for a single snap but have never been successful.

    This time, the heron stood for minutes on end, then lifted a wing, then took flight. I got about 10 pix before it finally disappeared.

    From heron out, I'll be looking for that bird in that place, when we launch at Middleport.





Howya been? We've been good

More pix here.

  14 July 06: The Reverend and I have a lot of catching up to done here on the old web site.

    I have pix from the past year and have posted them in one place.

    Some pix are about boats, and the rest are about messing about in general.


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  • -- This website is refresingly simple and personal. The webmaster has owned several boats, and made several boats, over a peried of decades. Look for the junk-rigged 25-footer. Lots of good pix.
  • -- Rich list of free resources for backyard boatbuilders, from Gavin Atkin, who himself offers a free plan for the Mouse. Gives a UK perspective. You could spend hours following these links. How cool is that?
  • -- A dad, his daughter, and three of her friends have set out to build a Weekend Skiff. A fun and well-crafted website, and notable for linking to this page and for being one of the few boatbuilding websites to explore the female perspective. The boat is about half-finished.
  • -- a new site about strip-built boats. Shows promise! Needs final finish. Doesn't look like it ever will get it; I've been checking periodically for months. Still interesting even if incomplete.

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