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Archive of Erie Canal Journal entries for 2003: 28 December 03


  One of our favorite destinations is the Erie Canal, which originally began in downtown Buffalo, and later when the canal was widened and renamed the Erie Canal Barge Canal, the canal began, and still begins, at North Tonawanda on the Niagara River where Tonawanda Creek empties into the river.

    We have biked in five-mile bites from Lockport to Brockport, and we've rowed a time or two, too.


Canal -- drained but not tiresome

    28 December 03: We wanted to see the canal for a last photo op of the year 2003, and being blessed with a sunny, blue-sky day in the 60s, we chose Brockport in late afternoon.

    I didn't know what to expect, but the last thing I would have expected is what I found. A foot or two of water in the bottom of the winter-drained canal to reflect the strong shapes on the bank in mirror image.


Late afternoon sun lights up the canal, drained of all but a foot or two of water.
Strong diagonals mark pic of the downstream bridge in Brockport.
A little water and a lot of exposed bank just upstream from the upper bridge over the canal in Brockport.
This brick beauty towers over -- and under -- the upper bridge at Brockport.
The lower bridge tower and its brother reflect the afternoon sun.
A block in from the canal, this urban artifact still sells soap in story-high letters on an old brick building.
"Ivory Soap ... It Floats ... Lathers freely ... Rinses readily." Amen.


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