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Archive of Erie Canal Journal entries: 23 July 06

  One of our favorite destinations is the Erie Canal, which originally began in downtown Buffalo, and later when the canal was widened and renamed the Erie Canal Barge Canal, the canal began, and still begins, at North Tonawanda on the Niagara River where Tonawanda Creek empties into the river.

    We have biked in five-mile bites from Lockport to Brockport, and we've rowed a time or two, too.



Ready to rumble

  23 July 06: The Reverend and I got up at 4 a.m. to go out on the canal, but the thunder and lightning drove us back to bed. Sunday afternoon, despite billowing cumulus clouds, we went on up and launched at Albion.

    We were on the edge of a nasty weather system but only got light rain, which was miserable enough. I had wanted to go as far as Presbyterian Pond but turned back at Knowlesville.

    The rain stopped and we anchored to await the sunset, which was very good.

I can't imagine taking a mere sunset pic without a mirror image in water. The canal traffics in this effect.
It's like an ink-blot test. ... what do you see?
Light effect and its mirror image make a chevron or two.
Sun and its shadow, sky and water.
I was so intent on the colors in the water that I almost forgot to look at the sky, which was a riot of color.
I like the strong diagonal elements in this photo, and the blazing sun ball.
Lord have mercy!

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  • Archive of Erie Canal Journal entries: 23 July 06


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