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    Sunset on the canal.


  • 01 May 04Let the boating begin, again -- We went up to the Erie Canal to cheer ourselves with the sight of the re-filled canal, and we weren't disappointed ...
  • 12 June 04Sun, wind, and little friends -- The sun was out, the sky was clear, the wind was stiff, and we saw a few interesting animals, including a regal dog, a soaring hawk, and a turtle on the towpath...
  • 01 August 04Canal with cream and sugar -- I like coffee, a lot, but this was too much even for me. The rains of July have turned the color of the canal's waters, an ambiguous blue at best, to a light coffee color ...
  • 04 September 04Harmonica -- a labor of love --

    The Reverend and I met our friends Mary and Mike at the Medina Guard Gate and boat ramp for a Labor Day picnic. With Mike at the helm and our mates in the forward cabin, I was able to take some long-overdue pix of the Harmonica in action ... .


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