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Archive of Erie Canal Journal entries: 18 July 06

  One of our favorite destinations is the Erie Canal, which originally began in downtown Buffalo, and later when the canal was widened and renamed the Erie Canal Barge Canal, the canal began, and still begins, at North Tonawanda on the Niagara River where Tonawanda Creek empties into the river.

    We have biked in five-mile bites from Lockport to Brockport, and we've rowed a time or two, too.



Heron there

   18 July 06: The Reverend and I finally got the Harmonica out on the Erie Canal for the first time this summer.

    High point of the day was my realizing a year's-long goal of capturing a heron on film. Here and there, and now and then, I've had a chance for a single snap but have never been successful.

    This time, the heron stood for minutes on end, then lifted a wing, then took flight. I got about 10 pix before it finally disappeared.

    From heron out, I'll be looking for that bird in that place, when we launch at Middleport.

Heron surveys its domain on the south bank of the Erie Canal near Middleport.
Rock jumble on the canal bank.
Heron prepares to fly off.
How many birds to you see in this picture, boys and girls?
Last shot is a lucky one, heron in flight.
Late afternoon sun on brown dirt and rocks. Reminds me of a Southwest motif.
Abandoned house hard by the towpath in the village of Middleport.
Simple cleat on the dockwall at Middleport makes a big statement.
Late afternoon sun makes a stunning statement.
The stark, bare twigs amid the green caught my eye.
Erosion of the north bank, the towpath side, makes another interesting, Southwest-like motif.
Here is a tighter crop to show what I'm talking about.
Middleport Guard Gate at the end of the day.

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