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Archive of Erie Canal Journal entries: 23 July 06

  One of our favorite destinations is the Erie Canal, which originally began in downtown Buffalo, and later when the canal was widened and renamed the Erie Canal Barge Canal, the canal began, and still begins, at North Tonawanda on the Niagara River where Tonawanda Creek empties into the river.

    We have biked in five-mile bites from Lockport to Brockport, and we've rowed a time or two, too.



Sun, moon, and sky guys

  07August06 : The Reverend and I decided to go up to the canal for the sunset, and we weren't disappointed. And the moon -- full in the sky -- made for a second act as good as the first. And in terms of sky-writing, even better.

    We had the sun, the moon, and reflections in the water of these two solid friends.

    The reflections? Call them sky guys. Stange and wonderful, never seen before, and thereby worthy of a new name.

This is a medium-amazing sunset. Seen better, seen worse. Still, these colors are fine.
Camera magic joins light breeze to create a rippled image.
Then a traditional shot of the rising moon, at the tree line.
And now, for some fun, the navigational light dwarfs the moon, which is peeking from behind the corner of the boat.
And after shooting a few hundred shots to get the effect of the moon and the light and the boat, I noticed that the moon reflected in the water was like Japanese Kanji handwriting on the wall. In some ways, this shot is the most dramatic relection I've captured.
Another reflection of the moon in the water.
And a third.

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