04 February 04: When I read a book, I read all of the book, usually. Two things, in particular, get my attention -- the forward and the colophon, if there is one.

    Forwards we all know, but what about colophons?

    Colophon comes from a Greek word that means finishing touch.

    Traditionally, a book's colophon is on the last page; the colophon lists the font or fonts that the book was printed in.

    Do a search in Google on the word colophon, and you will find that this venerable print convention has found its way onto some websites. Tech types use the convention to list their hacks and other programming stuff.

    Yeah, we do that, too.

    Our Colophon features:

  • Our Style Sheet ... all the information about this website's fonts, footnotes, and design parameters, with witty comments on grammar and usage.
  • Tech Sheet ... our computers, cameras, programs, security, web hosts

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