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    February 27, 2004: Buffalonya is my word for what's fun and endearing about Our Town. Rhymes with ya, and almost rhymes with bologna, which is sliced thick and fried in finer establishments in Buffalo and its burbs.

    It could be worse (the puns, I mean).

    When I lived in Salem, Oregon, fellow journalists who didn't like the size and pace of the place called it Snailem (partly in honor of the moist conditions).

    Or when I went to seminary in Kentucky, Louisville (bite it in the middle and swallow that part, as in LOU-(uh)-vol) was occasionally referred to in my hearing (usually because I was the one who was saying it) as Loogieville. You don't bite that one in the middle ... .


    Allow us to introduce you to our local values, and some persons and groups that reflect our values --

    Here, in no order but my own, are links to some websites about Buffalo. You won't find any Suits here.

than 100 buffalo blanks were made, then artists
brought them to life. Some still roam in Buffalo. This one is at
Buffalo Seminary, a private school near the Elmwood Avenue strip. Click on the pic to see more pics.


  • Herd About Buffalo: When my brother-in-law passed through town in the summer of 2000, he was quite taken by all the full-sized buffalo sculptures on public display all over town. To kill some time until we got home, he drove around, and along the way noticed several of the sculptures that were out on display. And told us in details about them. It delighted us to hear him tell about his fun with our town.

        Other cities have done similar things, but Buffalo, using buffaloes, was more successful than, say, New York City. The Big Apple had public sculptures of cows or something.

        In Buffalo, there was a big auction, and about $300,000 was raised for Roswell Park Cancer Institute and The Burchfield-Penney Arts Center. Many of the sculptures are still on display outside due to the generosity of those who bought them.
  • Mississippi Mudds: Get yr fried bologna here. Mississippi Mudds is one of those Buffalo things -- older than dirt, basic as it gets, and loved by countless thousands. It's right on the Niagara River in the town of Tonawanda, a near, northern suburb of Buffalo. There's a second-story deck for diners with great view. And sweet potato fries ... .


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