Buffalonya: Our Town, Our Values

More than a hundred different buffalo sculptures adorn our fair city.


As wonderful as boats and boating are, life is even sweeter.

    And life in Buffalo, NY, is especially sweet.

    Buffalo has lots of water to mess about on in boats, extensive neighborhoods of fine old houses, wonderful public buildings, Frederick Law Olmsted-designed parks. Frank Lloyd Wright designed five homes and an office building in Buffalo.

    Buffalonya expresses our joy of place.

    The logs that follow our life in our fair city are:

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    PorchPix: The Weather Outside Our Window celebrates the seasons we enjoy in Buffalo, with lots of pix. Buffalo, New York has the national (international?) reputation for deep snow in an urban setting.

    Well-publicized blizzards and 7-foot Lake Effect snow storms earn us such notoriety, and we are proud of it. This log features pictures taken from our porch, and once in a while from points further afield when we venture out and take pictures, too.

    After all, who would want to actually go out in all that yucky snow ... . Consider this to be our weather cam that refreshes when the weather does. And check out our Kitty Cam.

    Some buffalo weather links:

Building boats keeps me on an even keel. My Letters are a log that charts the waters of my spirituality.

    Letters to My Friends archives my monthly letters to the members of the church that I serve.

    I am pastor of Pierce Avenue Presbyterian Church in Niagara Falls, NY.

     As a Presbyterian, I seek to avoid Presbyopia.  The root meaning of the Greek word that both Presbyterian and Presbyopia come from literally means an old man. And ... reduced ability to focus caused by loss of elasticity.

    But Presbyterian also evokes the wisdom of the wise. Elders, we call them, Ruling Elders (lay folk) and Teaching Elders (AKA Ministers of the Word and Sacrament).

Garlic shoots uncurl in July's warmth.

    In the Garden tells the story of my gardening hobby that yielded to boatbuilding.

    My wife and I started a community garden that we called Herkimer Hollow across the street in a vacant lot.

    After several years of varying success, the garden effort is over, though I continue to grow a yearly crop of garlic in raised beds around the foundation of our house.


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