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    29 January 04: Hello from Western New York, where my wife and I enjoy messing about in the many boats that I have built.

    Most of the photos, and all of the text, cartoon logos, web design and webpage maintenance are my work. The Reverend, as I affectionately call my wife, is the photog when I'm the subject of a pic on this website.

   Greetings also from our fine old cat, Miss Sparkie, whom I affectionately call The Skipper.

    The Reverend and I serve Presbyterian churches in Buffalo and Niagara Falls. Miss Sparkie is a sleep/play/eat specialist going on 13 years of human age.

Buffalonya: Our Town, Our Values

More than a hundred different buffalo sculptures adorn our fair city.


    As wonderful as boats and boating are, life is even sweeter.

    And life in Buffalo, NY, is especially sweet.

    Buffalo has lots of water to mess about on in boats, extensive neighborhoods of fine old houses, wonderful public buildings, Frederick Law Olmsted-designed parks. Frank Lloyd Wright designed five homes and an office building in Buffalo.

    Buffalonya expresses our joy of place.

Letters to My Friends

Building boats keeps me on an even keel. My Letters are a log that charts the waters of my spirituality.


    Letters to My Friends archives my monthly letters to the members of the church that I serve.

   I am pastor of Pierce Avenue Presbyterian Church in Niagara Falls, NY.

    As a Presbyterian, I seek to avoid Presbyopia.  The root meaning of the Greek word that both Presbyterian and Presbyopia come from literally means an old man. And ... reduced ability to focus caused by loss of elasticity.

    But Presbyterian also evokes the wisdom of the wise. Elders, we call them, Ruling Elders (lay folk) and Teaching Elders (AKA Ministers of the Word and Sacrament).

Miss Sparkie, our Skipper. Click here and here to see a bunch of pix.

Miss Sparkie, our Skipper

      Miss Sparkie doesn't know about boats, being an indoor cat, but she would be the Skipper if she were to board one of our boats. Never mind that one of the many pet names I have for her is an occasional Little Buddy.

    An aside: You well may be wondering why I have mentioned the divine Miss Sparkie higher up on this webpage, complete with photo, and here she is again, complete with another photo.

    Here's why: Variations on "catch the new pictures of my cat (dog, sloth, aardvark, etc.) that I posted to my webpage" account for what was once, in the early days, the second-most popular use of the Internet -- pet appreciation. The most popular use of the Internet from its release to a general audience has to do with a different Basic Urge (and I'm not talking about food or shelter, either).

In this website, I have tried to emulate the spirit of the Blog movement.

Our goals online

    Sharing our joys gives us more joy, and the gift culture of the Internet gives us an immediate way to share my building of boats and the enjoying of our boats.

    I am especially proud of the slowly growing Contributors section, because community and relationships are gratifying and important on our corner.



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